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Get the hash rate and computing power of your computer!

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How much is your Hash Rate on your computer or laptop?
Algorithm Hash: CryptoNight

  • What is the meaning of the hash? What is the hash rate?

If we read in plain language, what is the hash rate, the hash rate means how fast your computer or device is, and how fast it is in computing and processing.

  • If my hash rate is high, can it be earned?

Yes.From computers that are powerful enough to extract encrypted currencies. How much it earns and how it’s done is a very detailed discussion.So do the so-called miners.If you want to get a beginner, there is not much revenue.

But you can still read this about the extraction of currencies

Monetize extraction of currencies

  • What are the units for measuring the hash rate?

As we said, the Hash rate is based on Hash per second. The hash rate is as well
KH / s: Calculates the kiloys in seconds or a thousandth hash per second

MH / s: Calculates the display in seconds or one million hasps per second

GH / s: Calculate your feed rate in seconds or a billion hasps per second

TH / s: Calculate Tetrush in seconds or one trillion hass per second

PH / s: Calculate the amount in seconds or a quadrillion per second

It is measured.

  • What can I do to get my hex rhythm up?

You need to upgrade your computer hardware. Computers with CPUs and GPUs are higher and stronger, they can have a higher hash rate.

  • Is there a calculator to calculate the income we can get from extraction of bitcoins and currencies?

Yes, you can use this site Hashing Power, Power Consumption, Wattage, and Cost per kWh for a kilowatt. Enter in dollar terms to show the daily, weekly, monthly and annual yield of Bitcoin extraction in dollars.

It is possible to calculate the cost of extracting the rest of the currencies like Ethereum, Monroe, Ripple, Dash, Lightweight, and other digital currencies on the site we introduced.

  • Why do people care about such things?

Extraction of some currencies does not require much capital, and within a few months the original capital goes back! When the hash rate is higher, it also earns more money. Therefore, those who are in the process of extraction of the currency can measure their hash rates and measure the amount of future income and profit with respect to other factors.


Sanctions or problems? The Google Map API has been blocked for Iranian sites with domain ir

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Google Map API : So far, Iran has experienced a lot of sanctions on Google, but generally more general services such as Gmail, Google Map and … have been less targeted by Google’s sanctions against Iran.

Google Map API has been blocked

Google Map API has been blocked

Now, contrary to our expectation, we are seeing the disconnection of the Iranian sites (which have domains ir) with the Google Map service. In fact, when we refer to websites with domains, we encounter an error with the following meaning:

The website or application is blocked due to incompatibility with the Google Copy Code.

Although Google has not yet provided an explanation of this issue, it is a fingerprint to Google’s boycott against Iran. However, we should wait to determine the cause of the problem.

This may be the only problem that may be resolved within the next few hours or whether Google really has boycotted Iran.

Earlier, Google had announced that since June 11, all developers must have a billing account to access Google Apps APIs, which also require a credit card.

Google has blocked some Iranian sites and software due to sanctions by the Google Map API

In a nutshell, I have to say that the API, which stands for the Application Programming Interface, is the programming interface, the interface between a library or the system and applications that they are requesting to service. (Wikipedia) You can use the Google Map API on your website or service to use and use Google Map Mappings within your website.


Now, according to the director of SEOal, from yesterday, the connection between Iranian sites using the Google Map API API was discontinued by Google. This disruption has caused the breakdown of parts of many startups. Jadi Mirmirani also wrote on Twitter:

Google Map API

Google Map API

This implies a two-way boycott, on the one hand, problems from the inside and, on the one hand, problems from the outside, which makes it harder for the developers of Iran to continue to work. One of these limitations is the failure to provide Alexa services to the ir domains that are older than this new problem. Maybe I can say I can go to Alexa, but really, can a service that uses the Google Map API to say that?