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How to Make or Launch beautiful WebSite ? Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

launch of the website : HOW TO MAKE or LAUNCH A BEAUTIFUL WEBSITE ?

We are trying to educate you in this article “How to Launch beautiful WebSite ?”

launch of the website : we wrote this FREE guide to help anyone , How to set up a website without coding? make their own website without having to learn code , follow – even if you’re not very technical ,The guide is very easy.

The launch of the website has several stages. In this article, we intend to briefly describe 4 steps for launching the website.

The launch of the website generally has four main stages, as follows.

1- Domain registration

2- Proper hosting

3- Website design and installation of CMS

4. Upload file and website information

Continue with the explanation of each of the steps above.

4 steps to launch the website

Step One: Domain Registration

The first step in setting up a website is to select the site name and domain registration.
The domain will be the login address of your website and will be available from anywhere in the world.
The domain name can have different extensions and can be selected according to the user’s taste and needs.
Click to register a domain.

Step Two: Shopping Hosting

The second step in setting up a website is choosing a web hosting and buying it.
Web hosting services have different types. Web hosting can be created on Linux and Windows servers, and they differ in terms of performance, cost, and ease of use.
If your website is programmed with the PHP programming language, you need a Linux host, and if your site is coded with ASP.net, you need a Windows host.
So before you buy a website, you know the status and type of website and programming language to purchase your hosting according to your needs.
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