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Free Download CQPIM WordPress Project Management Plugin

CQPIM is a full-feature project management plugin for WordPress. Designed from the ground up by our web solutions agency in Brighton, UK, it was originally created as an in-house solution for managing our own clients and team members…

We’re Re-Branding!

We’re currently working on Version 4 of the CQPIM plugin, and have decided to drop the name CQPIM and go with something a bit more memorable, something we can build as a brand.

Not only that, we’re pushing out over 25 new features / improvements and streamlining the plugin to make it better than ever before. We’re also finally biting the bullet and developing two brand new add-on plugins for WooCommerce and Automatic Subscriptions, which will follow after version 4 of the core plugin.

We’re excited to say the least, and we hope our growing number of amazing buyers and supporters are too!

CQPIM – Complete WordPress Project Management

CQPIM is a full-feature project management plugin for WordPress. Designed from the ground up by our web solutions agency in Brighton, UK, it was originally created as an in-house solution for managing our own clients and team members. As it grew, we realised that there is a serious lack of PM plugins for WordPress, so we decided to launch it for sale, and since then it has been hugely expanded based on feedback from the Envato community.

The plugin aims to combine every aspect of project management into one place, and includes many features that will help both freelancers and agencies to get their projects organised and their communications clear, so that everyone working on the projects knows exactly where they are, at any time.

CQPIM Add-On Plugins

Envato Add-On – Are you an Envato Author looking for a good way to keep on top of support requests for your items? Take a look at this!

2checkout Add-On – Integrates 2Checkout with CQPIM for Invoice payments!

Suppliers & Expenses Add-On – Allows admins and team members to track suppliers and expenses against projects and general business expenses, with facilities to require authorisation on team members expenses.

Reporting Add-On – This add-on allows you to run reports on various elements within CQPIM, such as income, expenses (Expenses Add-On required), time entries by project and team member, tax totals and more!

WordPress Project Management Plugin


  • Workflow control
  • Powerful settings panel
  • Role based team members permission system
  • Multiple date formats
  • Sales Tax feature (Including Secondary Tax)
  • Fully Translatable (PHP gettext functions & PO/MO files)
  • Currency Symbol and Position Settings
  • Existing user to CQPIM Client Conversion Tool
  • Existing user to CQPIM Team Member Conversion Tool

Client Dashboard

  • Responsive front-end dashboard
  • Brandable Login page
  • AJAX enabled actions
  • Custom AJAX password reset
  • Choose CQPIM Theme or your active theme
  • Works with any properly coded theme
  • Clients can update their details from the dashboard
  • Clients can add their team members as additional logins
  • Dashboard alerts for quotes, projects, invoices and support tickets
  • Ability to view all quotes, invoices, projects, tasks and support tickets
  • Detailed project information including timeline, updates, financials, milestones/tasks and files
  • AJAX file uploads in Support Tickets and Tasks
  • Ability to pay invoices via Stripe & Paypal


  • Add clients and contact details
  • Client account password reset
  • Client notes
  • Additional client contacts (to create extra logins for the client)
  • Set Invoice terms per client
  • Set default support ticket assignment per client
  • Sales tax exclusion per client
  • Recurring invoices
  • Client Notification Preferences
  • Currency Override Per Client
  • File uploads in Client Account
  • Client Access Activity Logs

Quotes / Estimates

  • Raise Quotes / Estimates for registered Clients
  • Quote Request Forms (Logged in or anonymous)
  • Milestone & Task Templates
  • Terms & Conditions Templates
  • Clients can accept/sign quotes from their dashboard (with name, date and IP address recorded)
  • Auto-generate projects from accepted quotes
  • Choose deposit percentage
  • Re-order Milestones / Tasks
  • Subtasks
  • Currency Override per Quote


  • Projects can be assigned to a client or be internal
  • Contract signing feature (Clients can sign in their dashboard)
  • Ability to add team members to give them access
  • Milestone & Task templates
  • Re-order Milestones / Tasks
  • Financials table showing milestones, costs and money received
  • Personal project notes
  • Project files table
  • Send general project messages
  • Project updates timeline
  • Multiple invoice options (Per milestone or upfront/completion split)
  • Task management
  • Task Progress bars
  • Subtasks


  • Personal or project tasks
  • Start dates and Deadlines
  • jQuery timers or manually add time
  • Task Status and Priority
  • Task file uploads
  • Task watchers
  • Task Messaging
  • Email Piping (Reply to task messages via email)
  • Task list in Team Dashboard
  • Subtasks
  • Ability to Assign Tasks to Clients


  • Invoices can be generated automatically from projects
  • Sales Tax & Secondary Sales Tax available
  • Stripe and Paypal payments
  • Partial Invoice Payments
  • Manual payment entry with notation
  • Assign invoices to projects, or Ad-Hoc
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Printable Invoice view
  • Send Invoice and Reminders in single click
  • Attach PDF Invoice to emails
  • Settings for when reminders are to be sent
  • Currency Override per Invoice
  • Income Graphs on Admin Dash
  • Partial Invoice Payments Supported
  • Invoice Payment Notifications

Team Members

  • Add your team members and assign roles
  • Full suite of role based permissions
  • Team members can only see assigned projects and their own tasks
  • Tailored Admin dashboard showing outstanding assigned projects, tasks, tickets etc
  • Calendar
  • Task lists
  • jQuery task timers


  • Fully translatable with provided MO/PO files
  • Translate admin area and client dashboard separately

What’s New?

We will regularly update CQPIM to bring you new features and to generally improve the plugin. If you have a feature in mind that you would like to see, please add a comment :-)

Version 3.2.2 [13th September 2017]

- NEW - Added Support for Upcoming Reporting Plugin

Version 3.2.1 [8th September 2017]

- NEW - Added Support for Upcoming Suppliers / Expenses Plugin
- FIX - Minor bug fixes from v3.2

Version 3.2 [1st September 2017]

- NEW - PHP7 Support (Fully Tested with Error Display On)
- NEW - Project lists in Client Admin Pages
- NEW - Default Settings Import on Activation
- NEW - Disable Contract Feature Per Client
- FIXED - Minor Bug Fixes from 3.1
- CHANGE - Impovements to CQPIM Client Dashboard Invoicing

Version 3.1 [7th August 2017]

- NEW - Redesigned Admin and Client Dashboards
- NEW - New Invoice Template Design
- NEW - CC address for outgoing emails
- NEW - HTML Email Template system

Version 3.0.5 [27th June 2017]

- NEW - Direct Messaging System
- NEW - Client Dashboard design improvements

Version 3.0.1 [13th June 2017]

- FIXED - Missing Menu Toggle in Admin for Team Members
- FIXED - Email Encoding Issue on Outgoing Emails
- FIXED - Button Styling Conflict in WordPress 4.8

Version 3 [9th June 2017]

- NEW - Secondary Sales Taxes
- NEW - Currency Override Per Client, Quote, Project and Invoice
- NEW - Client Tax Reg Numbers on Invoices
- NEW - Per Line Sales Tax on Invoices
- NEW - Disable Partial Invoice Payments per Invoice
- NEW - Currency Symbol Position Setting
- NEW - Dashboard Summary of Outstanding Invoice Totals
- NEW - Income Graphs on Admin Dashboard
- NEW - Invoice Paid Notifications
- NEW - Custom Fields in Support Tickets
- NEW - Custom Support Ticket Status’ and Priorities
- NEW - Sub Tasks
- NEW - Milestones, Tasks and Invoicing in Support Tickets
- NEW - Existing User to Team Member Conversion Tool
- NEW - Responsive Admin Area
- NEW - Improved Responsive Client Dashboard Menu
- NEW - More Task Permissions
- NEW - Client Email Notification Preferences
- NEW - Function to Remove All Data
- NEW - Pending Quote Requests on Admin Dashboard
- NEW - General Project Information Page
- NEW - File Attachments in Quotes and Clients
- NEW - Improved File Viewer on Client Dashboard
- NEW - Task Complete Buttons
- NEW - Hide Completed Tasks in Projects
- NEW - Team Only Notes in Support Tickets
- NEW - Client Access Activity Logs
- NEW - Who’s Online Widget on Admin Dash
- NEW - Disable Gravatars / WP Avatar plugin support
- NEW - Custom Widget Area in Client Dashboard Sidebar
- NEW - Project Manager Assignment in Projects
- NEW - Assign Tasks to Client
- NEW - New, Improved Quote Form Builder
- NEW - Taxonomies in Clients and Projects

Version 2.9.64 [25th February 2017]

- REMOVED - Activation requirement

Version 2.9.63 [6th October 2016]

- FIXED - Datatables translation issues on Frontend
- FIXED - Issue with overwriting Milestone Templates
- FIXED - Issue in translation of frontend quote form
- FIXED - Admin menu appearing on CQPIM login page for some installations
- FIXED - Tax not being added correctly to recurring invoices
- FIXED - Biyearly Recurring Invoice issue
- FIXED - Updated password reset tag in emails to CQPIM Reset Process

Version 2.9.62 [10th July 2016]

- FIXED - Fixed missing translations
- FIXED - Various bug fixes

Version 2.9.61 [10th May 2016]

- FIXED - Fixed various translation issues & Updated PO files
- FIXED - Update mPDF asset
- FIXED - Left align all tables
- FIXED - Replacement patterns when admin raises support ticket
- FIXED - php-imap asset generates errors

Version 2.9.6 [22nd April 2016]

- FIXED - Issue with Visual Editors - Upgraded jQuery UI to 1.11.4

Version 2.9.5 [14th April 2016]

- NEW - Attachment Support for Email Piping

- FIXED - Dashboard Logo overlap
- FIXED - Call Gravatars from Secure URL
- FIXED - Untranslatable "Back to project" link in Tasks
- FIXED - Roles & Permissions deleted when deactivating plugin

Version 2.9.1 [2nd April 2016]

- FIXED - Admin file uploads in support tickets
- FIXED - Disabled sales tax in client not reflecting in invoices

Version 2.9 [31st March 2016]

- NEW - Email Piping on Tasks & Support Tickets

Version 2.8.51 [29th March 2016]

- FIXED - System sends multiple emails when raising support tickets

Version 2.8.5 [18th March 2016]

- NEW - Improved Client Dashboard (CQPIM Theme Only)
- NEW - Ajax Login
- NEW - Custom Ajax Password Reset
- NEW - Ajax Task/Ticket update
- NEW - Ajax File Uploader in Tasks & Tickets
- NEW - Company Branding on Login and Dashboard (CQPIM Theme Only)
- CHANGE - Ticket assignee can be left blank
- FIXED - Manual time entry on task adds twice
- FIXED - Alerts showing that tickets need attention when they are resolved
- FIXED - Delete ticket permissions fixed
- FIXED - Admin resolved ticket switcher not working
- FIXED - Missing descriptions on quote forms
- FIXED - Ticket/Task notifications sending to updater
- FIXED - Client settings aren't translatable

Version 2.8.1 [8th March 2016]

- FIXED - Bug in Project Milestones

Version 2.8 [3rd March 2016]

- NEW - Tax Settings Per Client
- NEW - Admin ability to create Support Tickets
- NEW - Show Support Tickets in Admin Client Area
- NEW - Ability to Set Default Ticket Assignee Per Client
- NEW - Client Access Permissions
- NEW - Milestone and Task Templates
- NEW - Ability to Edit/Delete Partial Invoice Payments
- NEW - Ability to add comments to Partial Invoice Payments
- NEW - Visually Improved Admin Dashboard Summary Page
- NEW - Ability to Disable Invoice Section
- NEW - Drag & Drop Milestone and Task Ordering
- NEW - Reference/Info Field on Manual Payment Entry

Version 2.7.71 [18th December 2015]

- FIXED - Quote Forms delete fields when updating with no changes made
- FIXED - Team members can be added twice
- FIXED - Punctuation in quote form labels breaks form
- FIXED - Colorbox issue in Quote Forms with WP 4.4

Version 2.7.7 [16th December 2015]

- FIXED - WP 4.4 Admin Bar Issue
- FIXED - WP 4.4 Admin CSS Issue
- FIXED - WP 4.4 Admin Colorbox Issue

Version 2.7.6 [24th November 2015]

- FIXED - Bug in Quote Forms
- FIXED - Print views of contracts, quotes and invoices looping in some themes

Version 2.7.5 [17th November 2015]

- NEW - Project & Invoicing Workflow Customisation
- Change - Added biyearly recurring invoice
- Fixed - Issue with quote form builder not appearing in Admin
- Fixed - Partial invoice payments currency bug
- Fixed - Calendar breaks if task with no dates is added
- Fixed - Company Number tag not working (%%COMPANY_NUMBER%%)
- Fixed - Inconsistent styling on invoice postcode field
- Fixed - Inability to delete roles
- Fixed - Unstyled admin bar appearing on CQPIM Login page
- Fixed - Infinite AJAX loop when adding tasks to project with no deadline
- Fixed - Some emails not sending from support tickets

Version 2.7.2 [10th October 2015]

Various Bug Fixes

Version 2.7.1 [5th October 2015]

- Fixed - Issues with jQuery UI error (causing some functionality to break)

Version 2.7 [2nd October 2015]

WARNING: Updating to CQPIM 2.7 includes a process that converts dates to timestamps. We highly recommend you back up your database before upgrading.

- New - Improved Tasks System
- New - Customisable Date Formats
- New - Client Dashboard logout redirect setting
- New - Added custom CSS setting for built in client dash
- New - Added status filter on tasks pages
- New - Separated admin all tasks view
- New - Bulk operations for sending invoices/mark as paid/unpaid
- New - Improved support tickets with assignment & files
- New - Improved Admin/Team Member Dashboard
- New - Team Member Calendars
- New - Configurable URLs for Invoices/Projects/Quotes/Support Tickets & Tasks
- New - Partial invoice payments
- New - Create CQPIM client from existing User action
- Change - Removed active theme styles from built in client dash
- Change - Changed "delete client" option to give option of unlinking user first

Version 2.6 [25th August 2015]

- New - New Client Dashboard Summary Page
- New - Client Dashboard Alerts
- New - Quote Form Builder (Anonymous Frontend and Client Dashboard)
- New - Client Dashboard theme Switcher (Built in or current active theme)
- New - Multiple contacts for clients & Client managed users
- New - Ability for Clients to update their details
- New - Stripe Integration
- New - Ability to add and choose from multiple contract terms
- Fixed - Various bug fixes

Version 2.5.3 [4th August 2015]

- Fixed - Issue in PayPal Payments

Version 2.5.1 [30th July 2015]

- Fixed - Issue with sequential invoice numbers

Version 2.5 [15th July 2015]

- New - i18n and po/mo Files for translations
- Change - Responsive Client Dashboard

Version 2.2.2 [8th July 2015]

- New - Redesigned Client Dashboard

Version 2.2 [30th June 2015]

- New - Extra frequencies on Recurring Invoices
- New - Extra Term options to Invoice Terms
- New - Task Timers on Tasks Page
- New - PayPal Invoice Payments
- New - jQuery DataTables to all plugin Tables
- New - PDF Attachments to Invoice emails
- Change - Improvements to Client Dashboard & Login

Version 2.1 [22nd June 2015]

NOTE: If you are upgrading from 2.0.2 to 2.1, then you need to deactivate and reactivate the plugin to enable the cron job that checks for recurring invoices.

- Fixed - Small bug in Invoice repeater fields
- Fixed - Error in PHP 5.4
- New   - Recurring Invoices/Monthly Billing Options
- New   - Ability to create Ad-Hoc Projects not related to Clients
- New   - Clone/Duplicate Quote & Project Function

Version 2.0.2 [16th June 2015]

- New   - Added Standalone Tasks Page with "Time Spent" Column
- Fixed - Datepicker issue in task edit modal

Version 2.0.1 [15th June 2015]

- New   - Added Support Tickets
- Fixed - Minor Bug Fixes


  • Linux Web Server
  • PHP 5.3+ (Up to 7.0.23)
  • Apache or Nginx
  • Working WP-Cron
  • cURL (Installed and Working)
  • PHP-IMAP Extension (for email piping)
  • WordPress 4.5+
  • A properly coded theme that adheres to WordPress coding standards

NOTE: Some shared hosts block access to WP Cron and cURL requests. Please check with your host before making a purchase if you’re not sure whether or not they allow these functions. Without WP-Cron you cannot use Invoice reminders or Recurring Invoices, and without cURL invoices attached to emails will be blank. We will not support issues with these functions if your host does not support them.


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