Free Download Quix | Page builder Pro For Joomla

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Free Download Quix | Page builder Pro For Joomla

Quix Page builder Pro : ….A time-consuming issue for any Joomla user or even a developer is customizing the look and flow of a website according to the client’s wishes and the individual demands of the business type. Whilst several “page builder” extensions exist, we had usability and support problems which rendered them difficult to use. Then Quix arrived.. we were driven by this time to try it out and immediately found our worst bugbear was solved; any questions at all pertaining to its use were answered so quickly and completely that the biggest load was lifted off our shoulders. To be fair, Quix is (a) fairly new, and therefore an evolving product, but the evolution is fast and suggestions are taken on board and once proved to be useful, are acted upon quickly in (very timely) new version releases. We can highly recommend (the) Quix.

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Drag & Drop Layout Building With Endless Possibilities

Take control of your page layout with the most advanced page builder in the market. Manage everything from one place with simple drag & drop interface. There is nothing you can’t build with Quix.

Responsive Design Gets a Whole Lot Faster

Make your website responsive in minutes. Quix has been honed and refined to the point where it will make a profound difference to the way you build responsive website.


Boosts Page Load Speeds By Up To 300%

Performance is not just an afterthought, we created Quix with performance in mind. With advanced caching mechanism and powerful rendering engine we made sure your website load faster than your competitor.

Works With Every Framework & Template Out-Of-The-Box

Quix is compatible with any template or framework and can be used to create beautiful and fluid layouts inside the component area or article of any size and shape.

Joomla search indexed

Joomla Search Indexed 

Quix pages are indexed by Joomla smart search and you can see instant search result when you use any keyword used in Quix pages in your search module.

The Future of Joomla! Website


Layout Management

Easily build simple to complex layout with mouse drag-drop interface. Add column & resize on the fly.


Responsive Editing

Managing responsive layout in Joomla has never been easier before. Switch between the device and adjust layout.


Drag & Drop

From layout to content, organize everything with Quix’s Drag & Drop interface. You can even collapse section for better management.


Easy Blocks

You have better things to do than to learn complicated pagebuilder. You’ll be surprised how easy Quix is to use… srsly!


Everywhere Joomla

With a few clicks of your mouse and a copy/paste, you can turn boring Joomla pages with beauty.

There’s An Element For That!

Add any type of content to your page with Quix’s large collection of builder elements. You can even load any Joomla modules without leaving the builder. Whatever you are trying to build, the Quix Builder has an element that can help make your dream a reality.

Elements List

Intuitive Content Options Allow you to Customize Everything

Absolutely no coding experience required to build a simple to complex layout, thanks to our wide range of configuration controls. Modify colors, spacing and typography with just a few clicks.

Load Any Joomla Module Inside Element

Forget the messy module manager and load any Joomla module from Quix builder interface. Just add Joomla Module element and select any available module you have.

Quix Loads Everywhere

Not only the component, Quix works everywhere inside Joomla. Now you can transform your boring article or blog post into an interactive and visually enriched content within minutes. With Quix collection and shortcode the sky is the limit.

50+ Elements

Quix Elements are like piece in the puzzle, and they can be combined and arranged in any number of ways to create just about any type of website. Just drag and drop!

Accordion Blurb Bar Counter Button

Button Group Carousel Divider Filterable Gallery

Icon Image Joomla Module Joomla Article

Person Pie Counter Slider Slider Pro

Tabs Testimonial Testimonial Pro Text

Video Number Counter Map Gallery

Custom HTML Call To Action Alert Audio

Block Number Blockquote Doughnut Chart Line Chart

Pie Chart Polar Area Chart Countdown Dropcap

Facebook Like Google+ Button Flickr Heading

Image Compare Pricing Table Social Icons Soundcloud

Video Popup Joomla Articles Call To Action Bar Chart

Contact Form Facebook Likebox


Undo / Redo

Opps! Did something wrong? No problem, press the undo button and everything is back.


Built-In Animation

Movement attracts attention. With Quix, you can add animation to any element.


Instant Preview

Forget tab shifting and pressing reload button. Quix reloads the preview tab automatically, just save


Parallax Background

It’s never been easier to add a parallax effect to any section or row in website.


Keyboard Shortcut

Quix handy keyboard shortcut makes rapid website development painless.


Google Font

Take advantage of Quix selected google fonts collection and apply it anywhere you want.


Collapse Builder

Collapse a section that doesn’t get updated often, so that it takes up less room in the builder.


Fontawesome 4.5

Quix supports the latest FontAwesome library. Add an icon to text, button, blurb and more.

Column Layout

Advanced Column Structure Just a Drag Away

Say goodbye to boring pre-set column layouts. Columns can be created and resized on the fly, and you can quickly adjust a row’s column structure with a couple clicks.

Resize Column Size In Seconds

Resize column for every devices and screen size. Combined with responsive controls you can achieve simple to complex layout in just few clicks.

Column Resize

Duplicate Anything With a Single Click

Any section, row or element on the page, can be instantly duplicated, saving you a ton of development time.

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