Free Download RSComments | completes your Joomla

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Free Download RSComments | completes your Joomla

RSComments! completes your Joomla! based site. Unlike other Content Management Systems, Joomla! does not have an integrated commenting component. This is where RSComments!! comes into place. Easy to configure, flexible and versatile, this will allow you to enable comments on your site within minutes after installation.

So why should you have a comment component installed on your site ? RSComments!! will basically allow you to get in touch with your website community, exchange opinions and receive feedback on various articles, products or various content items published on your site, thus, making your visitors more involved and improve your visit return rate.

Getting started

Detailed articles about the extension section by section. Learn how to manage comments, add spam filters or set up group permissions.

Installing and uninstalling

Get a step by step guide to install, uninstall and update the extension. Also users can check the minimum server requirements.

Plugins and Modules

Find out how you can extend the component functionality with modules, plugins and 3rd-party integrations.

Multi-language support

RSComments! is translated in various usual languages. Check if your language is available and how to install and create a new language pack.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to the most common questions such as how add the accordion effect by default or how to enable comments on a page.


Get a sneak preview of the extension Administration and Front-end.


RSComments! release history with major update improvements and bug fixes.


  • Back-end editor button for enabling comments
  • Import comments from other Joomla! commenting systems
  • Spam and flood protection tools
  • Group-based restrictions
  • Censor words

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