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Free Download RSMail |Plugins For Joomla

RSMail! is the ideal extension for sending customized e-mail campaigns. You can organize subscribers into lists, with a unlimited number of columns that you can use when sending the e-mails.

Subscribers can be imported from CSV files via a easy to use interface. Email templates, spam tests, bounce handling, statistics and link tracking are just some of the built in features of RSMail!. You can also start the send session and pause it at any time. The sending session uses the Ajax technology that enables you to send e-mails to unlimited numbers of subscribers.

Getting started

Detailed articles about the extension section by section. Learn how to create newsletter campaigns.

Installing and uninstalling

Get a step by step guide to install, uninstall and update the extension. Also users can check the minimum server requirements.

Plugins and Modules

Find out how you can extend the component functionality with modules, plugins and 3rd-party integrations.

Multi-language support

RSMail! is translated in various usual languages. Check if your language is available and how to install and create a new language pack.

Frequently asked questions

Get answers to the most common questions and issues.


Get a sneak preview of the extension Administration.


RSMail! release history with major update improvements and bug fixes.

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